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Prakash Jaal

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Dil Ka Mehmaan (Prakash Jaal & Arati).mp3Dil Ka Mehmaan (Prakash Jaal & Arati).mp3
Chhati tale Lagalu Nian (Prakash Jaal).mp3Chhati tale Lagalu Nian (Prakash Jaal).mp3
Baat Durar Ghushura danga (Prakash Jaal).mp3Baat Durar Ghushura danga (Prakash Jaal).mp3
Upara Wala (Prakash Jaal).mp3Upara Wala (Prakash Jaal).mp3
Bhala Pai Bhuligalu (Prakash Jaal).mp3Bhala Pai Bhuligalu (Prakash Jaal).mp3
Labanga Lata (Prakash Jaal).mp3Labanga Lata (Prakash Jaal).mp3
Dhangara Jani Dhangiri (Prakash Jal).mp3Dhangara Jani Dhangiri (Prakash Jal).mp3
Maeji Morta (Prakash Jaal).mp3Maeji Morta (Prakash Jaal).mp3
Bauri Priya (Prakash Jaal).mp3Bauri Priya (Prakash Jaal).mp3
Dhola Baji Gala (Prakash Jal).mp3Dhola Baji Gala (Prakash Jal).mp3
Tum Ku Tuma Gal (Prakash Jal & Manbi).mp3Tum Ku Tuma Gal (Prakash Jal & Manbi).mp3
Aeba Sale Karmi Nijara (Prakash Jaal & Manbi).mp3Aeba Sale Karmi Nijara (Prakash Jaal & Manbi).mp3
Rasa Bangiri (Prakash Jal).mp3Rasa Bangiri (Prakash Jal).mp3
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